Monday, July 23, 2012

Feeling like a single lady

We made it back to Utah just in time to send Travis off to Africa two days later. I am back living at my parents and sleeping in my old room. My Dad was asking my brother and I how we were doing and the bro said, "Well, I feel like I am reliving 17 Again waking up in my old room with the sports wallpaper and and old trophies on the shelf." Don't worry brother, at least you have upgraded to a big kid bed. Sometimes its tough to go back to where you started once you have moved past that point and have obtained an amount of independence. Lucky for me and my two siblings, who are also adults and just recently moved back home, we have the best parents in the world and a good family so we still feel grown up sleeping in our big kid beds back at mom and pops. Confession, may or may not have watched the Bachelorette season finale with my family late last night. I just had to know who she chose ok! I feel like a hippo because I am always bashing that show.

I talked to Travis today for the first time in 8 days. His back is ok, but he is still positive. He got some heavy pain killers so he is able to get up and move around. He spent a few days on his back when they got to Kenya, but is now able to get up do the work he set out to do. Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern and love.

I have been looking at all the wedding pictures to keep reminding myself that I am married to the most amazing man and that he will be home soon. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Wowwy!! What a gorgeous wedding! It's totally the pits being away from hubby but hang in there!