Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My sisters:)

I was looking through some old pictures and stumbled upon these jewels. Yup, that lady covered in razzelberry delight is me. Why did I have "enter a pie eating contest" on my bucket/to do list? I don't know either. I think I entered because it was a life's goal and a bit of peer pressure from my sisters and neighbors. So, the city pie panel placed me in the kid contest. Thanks. They gave us some lovely garbage bags to keep our clothing clean and assigned us to our hot seats and pies. Ready Go!

Pregame psyching myself up. Bring it on little kids!
 It was time. My heart was racing as I dove into my pie. Then, I stopped breathing because I had so much pie filling up my nose! The battle began and little did I know it would be a battle to the finish with her. That's right. The little girl to my left. I felt like I was taking those little kids to town until she started catching up.

The clock was ticking and I had just one more bite left. I finished and stood up. BUT she did before me! NOOOOOO! I just made myself sick eating a pie in 3ish minutes to lose to a little girl! But as I looked over to see how bad she schooled me, she still had a bite of pie left!! The judges came over and declared her the winner. That's right, they still let her win! As I watched her walk away with my free movie passes I realized then at that moment that it doesn't matter who wins. It is the experience that matters. Now, that moment may have been brief and I may have to remind myself about being the bigger person when I want those movie passes, but I ate a whole pie in 3ish minutes:)

God Bless America!

The End. #flashbacks

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