Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life post Alaska

HELLO WORLD! I am so sorry that Travis and I have fallen off the face of the planet. Between moving home from Alaska, sending Travis to Africa, hoping Travis didn't get claimed by Africa, feeling relieved and welcoming Travis home from Africa, moving into our new Apt. in the University of Utah Village, taking some last stand summer family vacations, starting a new job and commuting 45 minutes both ways daily, starting new church callings, wading through political debates, and the occasional zzz's we are trying to catch up on, we have been a little busy. And I can't tell you how grateful we are for all the good things that are filling and that have filled our lives since we got married.

Some fun things have happened since we got home. And off we go.

We had amazing neighbors that loaded us up with salmon and halibut. Never in my life have I prayed so hard on a airplane, and it wasn't so we wouldn't crash- it was for the safety of the frozen fish. My prayers were answered and we have been able to share our Alaskan souvenirs with our family and friends. Thank you Alaska Friends!

These cute little munchkins helped me stay sane while Travis was in Africa. I could just eat them up. And no Travis.... I am not baby hungry.

I got to witness history as the story of the 2000 stripling warriors was reenacted by Davis County. I think they had a little over 2000 marchies.

This is Henry. I apologize that he has not yet made is debut to the blog. He is one of our family cats and is awesome. He is part cat, part dog. Travis often teases that I love Henry more than him. This is not true of course, but Henry truly has a piece of my heart. And I am dog person!

I turned 24:) Yup they made me get on the Texas Roadhouse saddle.   

Travis turned the big two seven. He celebrated his birthday in Africa. But he had cake when he got back in the states.
We moved into our apt. and all my shoes fit! Well, so far they do.......

I purchased amazing retro chairs for our apt. I spotted them at the D.I. and went into major D.I. shopping mode. This means once you find something you have to mark your territory. I sat on the chairs until I got the green light from the Mister and my sisters to make the purchase. Two ladies kept circling around me as I made my purchasing debate. When I finally made my decision and tore the tag off they both let out a sigh of disappointment. One lady told me that she was willing me to leave the chairs. Sorry:)

Playing cowboy in Afton, WY. Trip #1

Living our dream at Aunt Jan and Uncle Kevin's beautiful home.

Thank you Philip for leading us safely up the mountain. Poco, I do not thank you for putting fear into my heart as you tried to hurdle your large and in charge body up the mountain. Poco and I had a love hate relationship on this ride. He taught me a lot and I scolded him a lot. It was all worth it to sit on top of the mount of Afton.

Back to work, missing the country. I sometimes think that this saying is more for me than my speech kids. Thank you pintrest. "It's okay to not know, but it's not okay to not try!" 

Too much work, back to paradise- trip #2. This is at the Stewart's Crow Creek Ranch and it's my heaven on earth.

The Labor Day weekend gang. Thank you for making the trip so lively.

And Christian, thank you for loving your brother in-law. They did all the manly bonding. Midnight muskrat hunting, gun slinging, the lot.

 There you have it. I guess we are still as lively as ever.

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