Monday, July 2, 2012

Chena Hot Springs

Another weekend and what to do..... We got a car again this weekend! In fact, a couple in our ward said we could use their car every weekend until we go back to Utah. We are so lucky because the bus can't get us to all the great places we want to see.

Chena River State Recreation Area is about 30 miles from where we live. The park is covered in hiking trails, fishing ports, and other great AK nature stuff. Chena Hot Springs road runs straight through the park and at the end is THE chena hot springs. We decided to check it out and do some hiking.

We started off to conquer the full Chena Hot Springs loop, but that large goal ended quickly with our very late start, threat of rain, and sudden knowledge that the hike was 8.7 miles one way and not round trip. Next time. Thus we settled for Angel Rocks Loop, which was an equal substitute.
They still think they are hiking to Chena Hot Springs. Silly kids.

Chena River

Camera incident one- Just dropped the camera case. Travis got it before it fell completely in the water. Thanks mister.

Top of Angel Rocks.

Camera incident two- Didn't like the angle of the first shot, so I reset the timer. The camera fell and would have plummeted hundreds of feet below, but it wedged itself nicely between a crevice in the rocks. Thank you crevice.

Trav hiked diligently with the bear spray in his hand. I teased him about it because we were on a popular enough trail I didn't think we would have any encounters. Then, we got to the top and found this suspicious cave that would make a nice bears den. We learned later that you can run into bears up there. Thank you Travis for being the protector.

Hiking down.

We made it through the swarms of mosquitoes (note my done up collar) at the bottom and didn't get eaten by any bears.

Chena Hot Springs

Fairbanks is well known for the gold rush and still has a working gold mine off of Old Steese Hwy. Also, Travis told me it was my turn to be in a picture.

We can now say that we have driven until we could drive no more.

The last 1000 feet, which ended at Chena Hot Springs.

Alaska is also known for its beer. The saying goes " FAIRBANKS. Where the people are unusual and the beer is unusually good." Obviously we didn't go to check out the beer but we heard the food was good. We were a bit disappointed though when our seafood platter came out with 3 small deep fried shrimp and three deep fried fish sticks (halibut, cod, rock fish). We were sad. Luckily my big pork, apple, and guddah sandwich helped fill our bellies. Sometimes you get skunked at restaurants and sometimes you have the best experience, it is just the risk you take. 

We had fun exploring around our neck of the woods and can't wait for next weekend and backcountry packing!

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