Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Knotty Shop

All the locals have been raving about The Knotty Shop. I know what you're thinking. Jess, you can't spell and why would you want to go to a scandalous place?! Don't worry friends the "knotty" is a play on words. This cool place is a artisan store where they craft ornate sculptures, bowls, etc. out of the famous Alaskan birch wood. It was really cool and expensive..... sorry no souvenirs. But feast with you're eyes on what adventures we had.

Me and my pal Caribou

Trav and the Alasquito.

It really feels this way every time they bite you. These pesky Alasquitos are merciless.

Float time.

Chena Lakes (the secret port).

Pudding, need I say more. I love his intense stare down with the last spoon full. "I will get you!"

All you can eat Salmon Bake.

The crab was excellent! We are now professionals at breaking those puppies open.... with our bare hands! Well, and a fork and the claw things if necessary.

I knew I couldn't leave Alaska without seeing one totem pole. I give you Totem.

Bullwinkle. Rocky is taking a break I guess.

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