Monday, July 2, 2012

Small things

Since we got married things have been a bit more calm. Yes, we play hard on the weekends, but I don't feel the go go go of life I did before. I was a planning a wedding, graduating from graduate school, preparing to move to AK, and looking for jobs. Now my life does not have the go go go to it. I am unemployed until mid August and Travis works long days. Lets just say I have read some good books, watched the entire planet earth series, and maybe spent one or two more long guilty days in bed. I have loved the carefree vacation, but it is not in my personality . Although I am sad to be leaving our adventurous state next week, I am looking forward to getting home, rolling up my sleeves, and getting back to work. And because Travis and I make our fun where ever we go I know we will always have a blast.

Happy Early Birthday Travis 6/21/2012! Travis will be in Kenya on his birthday, 7/21/2012, so I threw him an early party for the two of us.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like Funfettie cake. I only had a dinkie pie tin to cook with so that baby is 3 layers high. It was fun.

Summer Solstice.

Do we look a bit tired? Well, that's because we were. It was 12:05 am at that moment.

Found Zotz at the blockbuster down the street. We are there at least once a week because it only costs 50 cents to rent old movies. I was a rookie with the Zotz and made the mistake of biting down too soon. I had a mouth overflowing with fiz. We get Zotz almost every blockbuster run now.

Going old school with the star apple snack. Don't worry, we didn't forget the peanut butter. I was about to slice the apple when Trav yelled out, " no No NO !" I thought I was cutting a finger off. I turned and looked at him with frightful eyes and he said, " You need to cut it the other way if you are going to get the star." Silly boy. It did taste better with the star.

This may be hard to identify because it is. This is a shot out our front window. The blur in the middle resembling a rabbit is Peter Rabbit. We have two little bunnies that live in the grove of trees behind our house. They come out to munch on the grass sometimes. I am determined to get a good picture. Last Sunday Trav said in a whispering, quite, gentle voice, "Jess the bunny is out." Me, "WHAT! I need a picture! Hi Peter (stomp, crash, throwing the blinds up commotion)." Needless to say, the bunny ran away and Travis gave me a lecture on stealth and animal tracking skills.
50 cent movie night with Wallie and Eva. Travis and I both decided that once you are married it's cool to rent and watch little kid movies again. Really we both did it before haha.

Even though Travis and I spend 12ish hours apart most days we still eat dinner together every night. I love being able to have my own kitchen and plenty of time to cook. A ward member gave us some slabs of salmon and caribou when we moved in. We have lived off of it all summer and I have had fun creating different dishes.
 Salmon, lemon pilaf, and garlic beans.

Smoked salmon, potato wedges, and strawberry spinach salad.

Twice baked potatoes with bacon and cheese. Not good for you but very tasty.

Travis' favorite and his birthday dinner. Caribou biscuits and gravy with spinach a cucumbers.

Breaded salmon patties.
Alaskan wild flowers courtesy of the trail across the street and held by my old spaghetti sauce jar.

And pace pecante jar.
These things could be very dull and maybe they are a little, but life is to be enjoyed. That is the biggest lesson I have learned after leaving the hustle and bustle of life. Small things can make me just as happy as having something to do every minute of every day.

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