Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I married this guy.

Travis likes to express his rebellion and nonconforming attitude through his hair. Here's a little journey.

The mullet. I have to admit I secretly liked it, I did fall in love with him while he had it. But I was glad when he finally cut it off into a respectable hair-do.
The creeper stache. No words. I did tell him to leave it for a bit, a bit turned into a couple days.
The rat-tail. I came home and said, "Travis, you cut your hair and it looks great!" Fast-forward about five minutes, about the time I notice the thing in the back, "What did you do?!" He just laughed, and so did I:) 

At least I am never bored. I think he is pretty fun and quite hilarious. Glad I married him.

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  1. We love this post-gross hair man! And we want to know when you are getting married on fb!