Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We still date

Travis is the best and still takes the initiative to take me on dates. Here are some of our latest's.

My first time at the Training Table. It is not the classiest, but it was creative and free. When I was 16, and an employee of Lagoon, I was given gift certificates to the Training Table. 8 years later I busted them out. After we paid for the meal with the gift certificates, I heard the cashier whisper to her co-worker, " have you ever seen these?" They still took them:) Sorry they are almost a decade old.

Temple night and Travis' favorite dessert-D.Q. Happy BOGO month to us!

"This state fair is a great state fair!" This is Cedar. He is a 3,000 lbs steer that stood 5'11 at the shoulder. He was so calm and let people pet him and even sit on him!

Fruit pop! Yum.

BYU vs. UofU. Technically this was my date choice and it was sponsored by my good brother Christian. Travis made sure to lay his shirt out pregame. So, my shirt made his company.

Some fans weren't happy but we were....well, until the end of the game. Sorry baby.

Our fans got a little premature excited. Storming the field-once.

Again, hold your horses! Oh wait, too late the game could go either way now thanks to the penalty. Storming the field-twice.

Bless the wind and the nerves that got to the kicker, which was actually the punter. Now Ute fans, Celebrate! Storming the field-three times a lady.

Had the boys over for Monday night football. Seriously the very last slice of the very last pepper. Needed stitches, but they wouldn't have helped where I cut my finger. Bless my safety certified husband and liquid skin.

Elephant Rock.

Dog lake

So serene. What you don't see is the no swimming sign and about 20 dogs swimming in the lake. It was a little like a circus, but we made some canine friends.

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