Thursday, May 2, 2013


We took a trip back to the home of Travis' youth and my future home. We were there to show our love for dear Grandpa Sim and Grandma Lu. Grandpa Sim passed away after a long five years of ups and downs battling cancer. I am so grateful that I got to meet him and spend time with him, just like Travis got to meet my Grandma Cox. The first time I ever met Grandpa Sim, was an adventure, which I didn't expect to be anything less after his grandsons filled me in on his ways.

Everyone knows that Travis and I didn't date for very long, in fact after about 3 weeks of dating I flew out to Colorado to spend New Years with him and accompany him on his long drive back to UT, little did I know that he had made that journey many times on his own and would have been fine driving without me. None the less, it was the best trip. Well, we went to visit Grandpa Sim to see if I passed the "Grandpa Sim Test". We got to the house, but Grandpa was back in his room watching National Geographic. We visited with Grandma Lu until Grandpa Sim made his entrance. He came walking down the hall shouting, "Where's the bride?" Before Grandpa sat down Grandma said, " Don't mind him honey." She also said something to the effect of " Grandpa likes a listener." And he did, but it was fun to be his audience. In the brief time I knew him, he always had something off colored or interesting to say. I always enjoyed my conversations with Grandpa Sim. Travis says that Grandpa knew all there was to know about Lamar and it's lands; he had a green thumb and could grow the best fruits and vegetables.

Grandpa Sim will be remembered for his personality, his love for Lamar, and his love for his family, especially his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The Plains.

Two Buttes. Highest point in southeast CO.

Blast from the past.

Lamar Lanes. Proud Owner- Philip Hall.

Lamar Lanes was our nightly hang out. Jan and Sim Aurthur playing a brotherly game of pool.

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