Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Begins

Well, lots has been happening and I have a lot to catch up on. I have recently started working on my grandparents histories with my sister and feel a great urge to continue documenting all the things that Travis and I have been doing. We started summer with Travis's graduation, or as I like to say Congraduation! It was a rough end of the school year. Travis hurt his back again helping a patient and wasn't able to complete his internship until he healed up. Things were delayed because of this, but lots of tender mercies were received.
After graduation I wrapped up my school year at Cook Elementary in Syracuse, UT. It was a big commute to Syracuse everyday from SLC, but it was worth it and I needed to learn some things about my self. I learned a lot working at Cook El. and met wonderful friends. There were days I wanted to cry thinking of my large case load of 80 kids, but in the end if I spent time crying I wasn't spending time helping my kids. Those first students will always hold a special place in my heart.
Now, Summer has started and Travis and I have a full summer. We want to soak up as much adventure and family time as possible before we move to Lamar in August and start working full time.

Doctor of Physical Therapy. Travis was lucky to have his hooding ceremony in the Rice Eccles ball room that over looks the field. We were recently here for Christian and Kamile's wedding. Fun to have to celebrations in the same spot. Go Utes!

He made it to the hooding ceremony! Travis completed all the course work and his doctorate project passed the board of professors. Glad it is done. 

Back rowers. These three boys (Travis, Dave, and Ben) sat on the back row of pretty much every class together. Some professors weren't so sure about them, but they are awesome PTs with personality. 

More back rowers. Thank you to these back rowers for being a little more on the ball and keeping the rest of the back row on track. There wives are wonderful and we are going to miss the good friends we made. It feels better knowing that most everyone moved too. We will have to make some visits. 

Christian made the ball room. Popular! Go Utes!

Ryan and Travis were friends in there undergrad at BYU and roomed together their first year of PT school. Ryan married Meredith, lucky him, and then Travis finally found me:) We ended up living one apartment complex over from Ryan and Meredith and had fun doing things with them and being good friends. They moved to Washington, just outside of Seattle. 

Travis had lots of support from the family. His parents came down from Lamar and the rest of us came from around the Salt Lake area. After the ceremony we met up at the Golden dragon for Chinese. 

The bolo tie. This is all Travis wanted for graduation. Enough said. He looked sharp.

Bonneville Trail. We are going to miss having this so close behind our house. We had good walks and talks on this trail.

Bees game. We have the BEST friends. I feel like adopted some of them, considering they call me Mamma Jess, but I truly love hanging out with the boys. 

Silver Lake Brighton, UT. Travis and I took a drive up the canyon for our first Anniversary. The whole scenic walk around the lake was perfect. We saw ducks and two beavers! Stay tuned for the beaver story.
As we rounded the bend in the trail we stumbled on a huge beaver having a little snack. We watched him strip this entire stick clean and then dive back under the water. It was awesome! Travis fetched the stick out of the water as a souvenir. He calls it my anniversary present.
On Memorial Day we had the cool opportunity to visit my great grandparent's and aunt/uncle graves with my Aunt Julie and Uncle Wayne and my sister Amberly. This is Bill Putnam's grave. He was killed during WWII, he was killed in the Philippine islands. 

I come from a long line of good people. Can't wait to carry on their legacy. Stay tuned for Summer.

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