Monday, April 8, 2013

Winter in a Nut-Shell

I know what you are all thinking, "Jessica and Travis, your life is so exciting, but I have know idea what is going on in it because you haven't posted in a million." I know, I know you guys love reading about what we are doing:) Ha ya right, but it is fun to post pictures and look back on the fun memories we have created the past four months. Lets go waaaaaaaaaay back to Christmas and make our way to the present. Good thing is, once I get to Spring I will look like I am way on the ball blogging about the most recent events. Hopefully I can remember how to insert pictures etc.

Christmas came early to the Hall family. Travis has been wanting an X-box since we got married. I am pretty sure his heart was broken when nobody gave us one for our wedding. Is it mean that my heat wasn't broken? Bless Black Friday, or should I say Cyber Monday because we got an awesome deal on an X-box and Kinect. This hubby of mine has been hog heaven ever since.

Horray for my first real Christmas tree! Travis was very patient with me as I picked out the perfect tree at Home Depot. It really was beautiful and smelled wonderful for the first day. Our Apartment complex has strong cooking smells and I may have made curry, so thus the pine was traded for curry. Merry Christmas.

My Grandma Cox would be very proud of us for carrying on the Cox Chocolate tradition. I made caramels for the first time, under my mother's supervision of course. The peppermint, orange, maple, and rum creams were delightful. Grandma taught us all her dipping secrets and I am sure she was with us in spirit that night.

Last year in this very spot (Aggie Greenhouse Logan, UT) I fell madly in love with Travis. It was our second date and we were taking a trip to take care of his brother's horses. I asked if we could stop to get Apple Cider because it was a Christmas tradition for our family to drink the fresh pressed juice during the season. When we showed up, the greenhouse had closed just minutes before. Travis walked around the building until he found the owner and begged him to open up for us. He says that he won my heart and my mother's that day, considering she wasn't very happy with the late hour, or should I say early hour I had come home the night before.

I was too cheap to by Christmas decorations, so I made some. This was my pride and joy.

My old roommate Nicole Brown got me hooked on Yule Logs. They just scream Christmas for me now.

Never has a boy been so happy. I thought this would last us at least 6 months. Nope, we only have one batch left. His eyes light up every time I make him muffins. The simple things in life are wonderful. 

The Cowboy Duster. Now, you thought Travis really wanted an X-box. The Cowboy Duster was a whole different story. Thus it has been made into a proper noun- The Cowboy Duster. He asked me if not everyday, every other day about it. He sent me links with them on sale etc. When he asked me if I got it, I told him that I forgot and he believed me. He was so happy when he opened the box. I think he would have worn it all day, but those things are toasty. So, he planned a trip ASAP to Wyoming, so he could play cowboy out in the snow with The Cowboy Duster.

There is a great Country store on 5th south in Woods Cross called the Rockin E. We found an old school hat with ear flaps for my dad, since the poor guy has to work outside during all seasons. I found the red checkered hat and it was love at first sight. I decided it wasn't practical, so I didn't get it. Travis was sneaky, and got it for me anyways. Love it!

Sportin' my new hat on our first snow shoe run in the Oregon Blue Mountains just behind my brothers house.

We LOVE to visit my brother and his wonderful family after Christmas. It is seriously like having two Christmases. We typically eat good food, laugh, shoot guns, play with the kids, and hike. Above and below you see that we are poster children for gun rights.

Nicholas and Hilary's house is fed by a natural spring. The priests in his ward asked if they could drag a horse trough up there and have an activity night sometime. They actually did it and now there is a natural hot tub up there. It was wonderful.

Girl Party! Jackson was our protector.
We did some snow shoeing with some friends in Logan. We hiked up to a yurt near Peter's Sink. We started hiking around 4 and finally made it to the frozen yurt around 9 or so. The lock on the door was frozen and temperatures were probably around -10. Once we got the wood fire stove going the yurt got pretty toasty. We hiked out the next morning. By time we got to the bottom my hair was frozen. We found out latter that day that Peter's Sink was -50. We for sure weren't that cold, but it was probably about -15.
Woke up to  a Friday Snow Day! Too bad I have to make up the day later in the school year. Still, it was a snow day!

The great day finally arrived! We have all been anxiously anticipating this day. Christian and Kamille's family were ice skating at Gallivan Center and my family was hiding behind a building in the freezing cold. Just as Christian was about to get down on one knee, the Zamboni came out on the ice. After a few more cold moments, Christian took three turns around the ice and then asked the love of his life to marry him. There were many tears of joy. We are all very happy for them.

If you thought Travis asked for a duster every day, well he also asks for an ice cream cake weekly. Luckily my cousin Telane worked at DQ and would tip us off on ice cream cake deals. This particular cake was purchased on 1/2 off cake day. Travis couldn't wait to eat it, hence it's almost a 1/2 picture. Now Telane is serving in Oakland, CA and our ice cream cake tips are gone. Sorry Trav.

You are currently viewing the Jazz court from the 6th row! I almost peed my pants as we kept walking further and further down. The tickets were a gift from our Bishop. I was very excited to watch the game and participate in Lynnsanity. 

Still excited! In fact, I am pretty sure that Lynn's family was sitting next to us. Good night.

Afton, WY

Snow Shoeing Afton, WY

Travis and I love Afton, WY. His mom grew up there and all her siblings are still in the valley and now Travis's brother lives there. We had so much fun playing in the snow with the horses and visiting family.

My nephew Jackson, the balloon boy. We were on our way to deliver Grandpa Hill's birthday balloons for his 90th birthday party.

Happy Birthday Grandpa! Here's to some more good years. This man has seen a lot in his life. He was a bomber pilot in WWII, has served many missions with my grandma, including Florida, Hawaii, and Missouri. He is a tough man with a tender heart. Love you Grandpa!

How appropriate to end to end the winter with a bash. How time flies.

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  1. Jess, you have such a fun blog! You guys look so happy. :)