Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wedding Day

May 26, 2012



We gone and got married! We were sealed in the Bountiful Utah Temple for time and all eternity at 1:45 pm on Saturday, May 26th. It was the most wonderful day and all our family was able to attend. Travis and I have both never felt so peaceful and confident about the commitment and decision we were making that day. Our sealer gave us great advice to start our life together as husband and wife. Among that advice was to cherish one another, pray often together, and communicate openly and respectfully without raising our voices  at one another. The whole experience was truly sacred and memorable. As I walked into the sealing room and saw the faces of all our loved ones the love and support was almost more than I could handle. Travis and I are both blessed with amazing families and we are excited to combine them now. 

So, the day started off a little rainy. Well, a lot rainy:) luckily I had prepared myself earlier that week for the worst. I was a little upset that it was supposed to rain on our wedding day, but once Travis got back to Utah nothing else mattered because we were getting married! Travis spent the last month of our engagement in North Pole, Alaska beginning his physical therapy internship. The distance definitely made our hearts grow fonder and at times seemed pretty rough but we made it through. He got home the Thursday before we were married and then I returned to North Pole with him the following Tuesday after our marriage. It was a quick turn of events.

Back to the wedding day! It was pouring cats and dogs when we went into the temple, but when we came out the weather had cleared and we were left with cloudy skies and a bit of wind. The cloudy weather was apparently amazing for the photographs and turned out to be a little blessing. After photos we went down to the Eldredge Manor, an old historic mansion in Bountiful, for our wedding dinner and open house. When we arrived our family was busy setting up the simple decorations, which consisted mostly of flowers and photos. Our family really pulled through decorating considering we had to change all our plans because of the rain. The entire evening was absolutely beautiful, especially the cake!

The cake was courtesy of Trudy Johnson/ Neumann Bakery and my Aunt Sharyl did the decorating.  
The whole night was filled with laughter, catching up with old friends, good food, and a bit of dancing! We were able to end the evening outside in the amazing gardens. The one thing I wanted most was to dance under the twinkle lights strung across the patio. That wish came true because the evening was beautiful and clear. We danced with our family and friends that came from as far as California and New York City. 

My descriptions cannot do that day justice. It was perfect and I would do it again in a heart beat. I could not be more blessed with amazing family and friends. The whole experience was everything a wedding day should be. I still pause to think of the small things, like my mom helping me into my wedding dress, or Travis taking turns dancing with all the little nieces. We ended the night running through an archway of sparklers held by all our family and friends. What a way to end the night, with a bang! 

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  1. Jes I love love love your dress and your cake was b.e.a.utiful!!!! Seriously amazing. I love it! Sad we couldn't be there. Congrats again :)